Laparoscopic surgery is a technique of surgery in which the surgeon makes a small incision to the body. Through the incision, the laparoscopic surgeon passes a small tube with a video camera to the body cavity to look inside the body and pinpoint the area of operation. Based on the reading, the laparoscopic surgeon then performs the surgery, using the camera as an eye.

We have very much advanced set up in laparoscopic surgery. We have many laparoscopic surgery trained technicians, HD cameras etc. Our Laparoscopic surgeons perform various laparoscopic procedures like Diagnostic Lapscopy, Cholecystectomy, Colonic Resection, Gastrectomy, Pancreatic Necrosectomy.

Our laparascopic surgery team uses minimally invasive procedures as opposed to open surgeries, as a means of reducing scarring, pain or risk of infections in benign and malignant problems. With a specialisation in minimal access surgeries (MAS), our surgeons use smaller incisions and state of the art equipment while operating, resulting in faster recovery post-treatment. Less time spent in the hospital is an indicator of a quicker healing process and patients are back on their feet in no time.